Russell James: The Raw Chef

'I really love the fact that you can wash these Yoga mats'

 Vanessa Riboloni: Yoga Instructor

'They are really good for gripping... just perfect for me'

 Amanda Clare: Coach @Mothers Rock:

'They look so beautiful & feel so good'

 Isaiah Fliessbach: Inner Health Foundation

'...Most importantly, it's non-toxic!'

 Darren James: Yoga Teacher & DJ

I love my mat... it goes with me everywhere!'

 Jake Jones: 'Jake Does Yoga'

'Super Grip & Easy to take care of!'

 Amber Charne: Yoga Instructor

'I love my BlissCloud for sooo many reasons...'

 Davin Jones: Yoga Instructor

'Enough cushioning for people with tender joints'

 Laura McKenzie: Yoga Teacher

'Makes harder, hotter, sweatier yoga poses more stable'

 Julia Rechmann: Yogi

'It's so beautiful, the camera doesn't even do it justice'

 Georgie Griggs: Creator of The Lit Up Project

'...it's (your) own little personal, beautiful space'