About BlissCloud & Anna

Welcome to BlissCloud

Hi, I'm Anna,

I'm the founder of BlissCloud, the most Beautiful Eco Yoga Mats you'll find anywhere!

I had the idea for BlissCloud after returning from a holistic retreat in Portugal.

I was all fired up to begin a new daily yoga practice and keen to get myself a shiny new yoga mat.

Searching online was frustrating; I couldn’t find a mat that had all the qualities I wanted: 

'Beautiful, Comfortable, Functional, High-Vibe, Non-Toxic, Washable, Eco-friendly & Fair Trade'

(Quite a list, I know!)

So I decided to create my own, and BlissCloud was born.

I may be biased, but I have to say that BlissCloud Yoga Mats are absolutely gorgeous...

And I'm sure you’ll love your BlissCloud as much as I love mine!

p.s.  But don't take my word for it  ;-)  

Check out the LOVE for BlissCloud from the utterly gorgeous peeps on our video review page 


12 Blissfully Random Facts:


  •  The very first Yoga Mat I created was 'Flow'. You can check it out here
  • I used to work for Richard Branson: I provided holistic therapies to passengers on Virgin flights (I've massaged some very famous people)
  • I turned 40 this year, but I feel better than when I was 20 (Thank you Yoga)!
  • I'm a qualified Health Coach and Healer
  • My favorite BlissCloud (as I write this) is I Love Violet... but that will probably change with my mood!
  • I'm a single Mum of 3 gorgeous crazy kids (Check out my FB Page for proof)
  • My favorite meal is Quinoa and avocado, mango and raspberries, YUM!
  • Each BlissCloud purchase supports The Karuna Trust to end caste-based discrimination, poverty & inequalities in India & Nepal
  • My favorite drinks are Rejuvenate Latte and Fizzy water (not together, obvs)
  • I'm a Capricorn
  • I'm a lover of Radical Self-Care & A Gratitude Junkie
  • I'm also prone to oversharing ;-)