How to be Happy, Gratitude Exercises to Practice Daily.

How to be Happy, Gratitude Exercises to Practice Daily.

Being thankful, appreciating the small things and practicing gratitude are all attitudes that can be easier to say than do.

But they’re worth pursuing, as, once you make gratitude a habit it will become easier and more natural until you find yourself being grateful on a daily basis with little effort.

The benefits are Huge.

You will feel happier, attract more abundance into you life and generally enjoy life more.


"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle


Here are are some exercises that will help bring more gratitude into your life;


  • Write a gratitude list: When you have a spare five minutes write a list of ten things you are grateful for. Look around you and think: 'What am I grateful for?’ It can be little things, like the sun shining, the shoes on your feet, or your breath. If you start practicing daily, you'll soon start to notice more and more things that bring you joy. You know the saying: 'You get what you focus on'... Well, it's true! Try it and see ;)
  • Reflect on your day before falling asleep: Think about what happened that day and what you are grateful for. If it's a real struggle then even: “I’m so grateful to be in bed’ can help you fall asleep calmly. Everyday that I find something to be grateful for, I mark it on a checklist (or record it in my journal). If you'd like to share my 'Gratitude Checklist', you can get your copy here. Print it out... or just fill it in online; the choice is yours!




    •  Think before you speak: do you find yourself complaining a lot, can you switch it around? Is it possible to find a compliment? This still needs to be authentic and of course there are always times when a good vent is needed... but putting your attention on the positive is a great way to shift your focus and help you feel more appreciation.
    • Write a letter: Write it to someone or about something that is annoying or upsetting you. Try to find some gratitude for the lessons you are learning. The idea here is to help look for the positives and open you up to the possibility that there might be other solutions to your problem.

    • Read ‘Man’s Search for Meaning': This incredible book by Viktor Frankl, really demonstrates how we can be the master of our thoughts even in the worst case scenarios . I challenge anyone to read this and not feel gratitude for their life!

    • Decide that you can choose: You are in control. By consistently practising gratitude exercises you will feel happier and more fulfilled.


    Thank you for reading this, I appreciate you ;) 


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