11 Ways that Yoga Practice Changed My Life... (& How it Could Change Yours Too)

11 Ways that Yoga Practice Changed My Life... (& How it Could Change Yours Too)


I was a relative latecomer to yoga.

I did a few classes while traveling in India, but didn’t really get into yoga until returning from a retreat in Portugal in 2015.

I guess you could say I’ve always been quite a laid back person.

In my twenties, I didn’t do much exercise. I just didn’t feel the need. Friends would tell me that 'Yoga was right up my street'... but for whatever reason, I just didn’t do it.

My lifestyle choices weren't that healthy, and this was reflected in my poor skin quality and energy slumps.

However, after I returned from the Retreat, it didn’t take long for me to realise that regular yoga practice was life changing!

  • I felt strong and stretched.
  • Lighter both physically and mentally. 
  • Amazingly creative ideas would come to me during or after a yoga session. 
  • My body was looking leaner and more toned. 
  • And I was definitely calmer, especially with my kids.

 I was hooked!

So now, let me get a bit more specific about the impact regular yoga practice had on my life- (hopefully, it will encourage you to give it a go too) :)


11 Ways That Yoga Changed My Life

1. My Body:

Ok, so this is the most obvious change to start with! But yoga has really helped improve my body. I feel stronger, more flexible, and my posture has improved loads.

I’m not some 'yoga bunny' who practices for hours a day; I’m a busy entrepreneur and single mum of 3 wild children.

Sometimes all I have time for is 5 mins a day, but even 5 minutes (if done consistently) can make a big difference!


2. My HAPPINESS Levels:

Is it a coincidence that since doing yoga I feel more joy and gratitude for my life? I don’t think so.

I usually wake up happy, and if I don’t, then a few yoga moves will help point me in the right direction.

Even just a short session leaves me feeling grounded and more able to enjoy the moment.

It’s like an injection of rescue remedy!


3. How I Handle Stress:

My life is pretty hectic, and the noise levels of 3 little people can be crazy!

What with the dinner I just burnt, the clothes I can’t find, and the sibling squabbles, I sometimes used to feel pretty overwhelmed ;)

But yoga practice, with its emphasis on connection to your breath, has made a massive difference. I’m more able to handle crazy situations by just breathing through them

I find myself responding rather than reacting, and that’s good news for everyone involved :)


4. Confidence:

Realising that I have so much to learn in yoga and in life can make me feel vulnerable.

However, yoga practice has helped me to connect to that vulnerability and realise that it's a good thing.

I mean who 'really' has it all worked out?

Isn’t it time to just accept this and be open about the fact that: 'We're just doing our best, ' and that’s ok.

Accepting that I'm not perfect, that no one is, is a huge confidence booster.


5. Self-Care:

Being a single mama to 3 kids is super full on!

Sometimes it just feels like I can’t meet everyone’s needs, especially my own.

Yoga has become my sanctuary: I wake up early and do my practice before the kids wake up (if I’m lucky), and this starts my day in a calm, energised way.

I feel content, cared for, and ready to tackle anything - screaming kids included. 


6. Friendships:

Another aspect I love about yoga is the yoga scene and the sense of belonging you get.

I’ve made some great friends from going to classes and events...

And even by joining online yoga forums.

It can be very easy to feel isolated in todays busy society, but sharing a common interest is a great way to find a community and people you enjoy spending time with!


7. My Relationship with Food:

Once I began to feel and look better, I wanted this to continue. 

I started being aware how certain foods choices affected, me either positively or negatively.

I seemed to be more tuned in, and I could tell which foods didn’t agree with me, made me feel tired or caused my skin to breakout.

I also noticed which foods boosted my energy and help me feel nourished...

And so my diet naturally changed for the better without the usual feelings of guilt, stress, or deprivation!


8. My Intuition:

As I mentioned with food, my intuition about what is right for me has heightened in all areas of my life.

Maybe it's taking those few minutes to connect with myself each day...

But I find I’m able to tap into my gut feeling about situations and people more easily- and this is certainly empowering and something I’m keen to develop more.


Too Busy To Make a Regular Yoga Class? Prefer To Practice In The Privacy Of Your Home? Or Just Want To Fit In Some Extra Practice Before Work? No Problem!

You Can Download A PDF With My Favorite 'Free Online Yoga Classes' Here :)

Free Online Yoga Classes


9. My Creativity:

It was regular yoga that led me to look for the perfect yoga mat.

When I couldn’t find a mat that was beautiful, soft, and eco, I decide to create my own and Blisscloud was born.

Who would have thought that doing yoga would have such an impact!

For me, being creative, coming up with new ideas and designs is a passion and makes me feel good.

Yoga has enhanced this; I always seem to have sparks of inspiration during my practice.


10. Relationships:

Once I began to respect myself and my body more, I began to see relationships in a different light.

I wasn’t willing to settle anymore.

Some relationships ended, which might sound like a negative thing, but it wasn’t!

Space was created for new people to enter my life; and my life began to move forward in a way that felt more joyful and connected.


11. Self Love:

Yoga help me to  connect with myself on so many levels.

Along with my yoga practice, I've done lots of work on self-love and acceptance.

I’ve realised that putting myself first isn’t selfish, it’s essential.

I can’t give from an empty cup.

I feel so much more confident and comfortable in my own skin.

Last year I got a tattoo, it reads I am enough’ - This totally sums up how I feel now!


So what next?

It’s been quite a ride... and I’m still work in progress. 

But if these last years have taught me anything, it’s that we need to keep growing, learning and experiencing new things.

Life is amazing; so rich, and colourful, but it's easy to get stuck in a rut and not see the beauty around us... and I know I don't want that!

I’ve had some big highs, and some huge lows, but yoga has helped me come back to my centre when it’s all felt a bit hectic.

I'm happier, healthier and more joyful than I've ever been and I know that yoga practice has played a massive part in this.

Where will I be next year? I don't know...

But I do know that, wherever I am, I'll still be doing my daily yoga practice ;)

Anna xxx

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