Are you willing to suck at something?

Are you willing to suck at something?

Anyone who is good at anything had to start somewhere.


There was a time when they sucked,

when it was a struggle,

when they had to practice and learn.

Every successful, polished, master you admire hasn't always been that way.

In today's social media portrayal of life, with everyone living their 'best life', we can lose sight, of the fact, that beginners suck.

It's easy to assume that everyone else is killing it and doing amazing things.

Why even start?

Starting is hard.

Learning new things can make us feel vulnerable

When I moved to Spain and started learning Spanish, I felt a fool, stuttering along, with vocab no better than a toddler. I had to overcome embarrassment and practice speaking with locals.

When I went to my first yoga class, I fell out of positions, had no idea what I was doing and felt extremely self conscious.

Can you think of something you started, that was uncomfortable to begin with?

Did you persevere or stop?

I'd love to say I'm now fluent in Spanish but unfortunately not, we returned to the UK to live and my practice stopped.

Practice makes perfect or at least progress.

I have carried on practicing yoga, I did it because I loved it, I loved the after glow. I didn't let being bad stop me. And now I'm a little better. 

If you started something today and consistently practiced..

Imagine where you'll be in a month,

A year,

5 years!

That thing you've always fancied. 

That person's skill you admire. 

Why not start in 2020?

Could this be the year you are willing to suck at something?

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