How to Find the Perfect Yoga Retreat

How to Find the Perfect Yoga Retreat

For some yoga enthusiasts, a weekly class is a great way to progress with the discipline, and some people love to practice at home each day. However, many people like to develop and deepen their practice by attending a yoga retreat, either as a one off experience or as a regular event in their lives.

Yoga retreats are becoming increasingly popular and are held all over the world around the year. Whether you want to find an introduction to yoga or to extend your practice, you're sure to find a retreat to suit and we’ve been thinking about how to make the most of the retreat experience and find the perfect escape for you.


What to look for in a yoga retreat:


1. Style.

Think carefully about what sort of retreat you would like to attend, as there is a world of difference between a silent yoga retreat in a strict ashram and a retreat that offers yoga alongside therapies and relaxation in a tropical climate. Many retreats combine travelling or holiday experiences with yoga teaching included, and you're sure to be able to find the perfect balance for you.


2. Budget.

The prices of yoga retreats are extremely variable and you should work out your budget before you look at what's on offer to ensure you don't run into financial difficulties. After all, you’ll be able to go on another one if you haven't broken the bank the first time!


3. Location.

If you're booking an all-inclusive retreat this may be less crucial to you, but if you are required to book flights separately and plan to travel locally too, it's vital to make sure you opt for a destination that you really want to visit.


4. Accommodation.

Retreat accommodation can vary from sparse dormitories to luxury bedrooms so compare your options before you book. Some retreats are suited to couples or groups of friends and accommodate guests accordingly.


5. Food.

If you're getting away from it all and learning how to relax more deeply, you'll want to nourish your body with great food. Many retreats offer beautiful health food so if you're hankering for fresh seafood or a raw vegan spread, be sure to research this aspect to give yourself a real treat.


Yoga retreats offer an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in your practice and meet like-minded people from all over the world. With retreats offered from Spain to St Lucia and from Bristol to Bali, you're spoilt for choice and can be sure you'll find something to suit your budget and your dreams.


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