Make Room For Creativity: Surround Yourself With Joy

Make Room For Creativity: Surround Yourself With Joy

Creativity is a wonderful way to connect with your innermost self and really get involved in the process of being and doing. Whether you love to paint, write, knit or dance, finding a creative outlet you enjoy can enrich your life in many ways. 

However, it can be hard to make space for creativity if your life is very busy. One factor that can really inhibit the creative impulse is being surrounded by clutter, which many people feel saps their energy and distracts them from feeling good. If you want to declutter but worry that you don’t have the time or the discipline, it can help to work with your negative thought process before you attempt to address the mess.


Changing Your Perspective on Clutter


Marie Kondo's bestselling books, including her latest, Spark Joy: An Illustrated Guide to the Japanese Art of Tidying, embrace this principle, inspired by Kondo's own revelation when she began to look for things to keep rather than things to get rid of. She advocates keeping only items that truly bring you joy in your home and in your life, and passing on anything that doesn't meet this brief.


Here's How to Declutter For Creativity:


1. Look around you.

See your home with a critical eye and notice where you store things you love, and how many things you have that you don't really need or want. Hanging on to unwanted gifts can be a common reason for hoarding clutter, but most people would prefer an unwanted gift they had given to be passed on rather than continuing to bring years of negative energy and frustration!


2. See opportunities.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the need to clear space, see it as a chance to rehome some belongings and give them a new lease of life. That old box of shoes you 'might wear again one day' could be appreciated and loved by a friend, or given to a charity shop to raise funds for a good cause.


3. Be realistic.

How much space in your home is wasted on things you don't use? How many chairs, placemats, teaspoons and mugs do you really need? The buzz you'll get from decluttering can be addictive, so make sure you don't leave yourself short and end up needing to go out and buy more!


4. Focus on joy.

Just because an object is functional, doesn't mean it shouldn't be beautiful too. Eating your dinner is a more joyful experience if you love the plate it's served on, and your daily yoga practice brings even more delight if your yoga mat is a work of art!



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