Changing Lives with The Karuna Trust

Changing Lives with The Karuna Trust

One thing I love about yoga is the potential to transform your life and become more positive. Spreading this positivity to the BlissCloud brand is important to me. While seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly materials and production methods was vitally important to me, I also wanted to find a way to extend the ethos of ‘giving back’ into the business.

I decided to give a donation of £1 from each mat sale to The Karuna Trust, because I feel that the Karuna message of positivity and change is a good match for BlissCloud. I have really enjoyed finding out about the work that Karuna does all over India, and I’m pleased to be able to share in this.

Karuna Kids


What does The Karuna Trust do?


1. Equalise.

Karuna works to counter the effects of the caste system in India, through which communities such as the Dalit and Adivasi have been restricted to lives as landless day labourers for centuries. Projects that aim to provide education, health access and legal representation for these groups are a vital part of Karuna’s mission.


2. Work in communities.

Karuna works with community based organisations across India, such as The Runaway Girl Project. This project addresses the needs of girls arriving in Mumbai after having run away or been trafficked, giving them access to education, legal aid and health advice amongst other social and economic benefits. Projects like these are highly effective since they make the most of local expertise and are able to really make a difference for these highly vulnerable girls.


3. Contribute to global change.

The National Network of Buddhist Youth works to combat the exclusion from power of those from Dalit or Tribal backgrounds. Karuna supports this project, to help develop leadership skills in young people from these backgrounds, encouraging them to become part of the change within their communities.


Karuna Kids


Dame Judi Dench, Patron of the Karuna Trust, Embraces Positive Change


Dame Judi Dench is proud to be a spokesperson for the charity as patron of the Karuna Trust. She highlights the ‘positive and thoughtful’ way that Karuna concentrates its efforts for change, instead of trying to elicit support through guilt. She believes that, as citizens of the world, we’re all in this together. And this is exactly why I am proud that BlissCloud can be part of the solution.


Make a Change With Karuna


Karuna works to help more than 50,000 people in need in India each year, many of whom are women and girls who have never had access to this type of support before. If you want to find out more or fundraise for Karuna, you’ll find more information and contact details here.



If you haven’t seen the unique yoga mats at BlissCloud yet, take a look and treat yourself to a beautiful new way to practice. £1 from every mat sale will be donated to The Karuna Trust and will go towards continuing the charity’s vital work to change the lives of the poorest people in India.

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