Have you floated in bliss lately?

Have you floated in bliss lately?

How was your weekend?


Did you take time to stop, pause, breathe?


Did you dedicate time to just you, to just be, to float in a cocoon of bliss?


This is exactly what I found myself doing on Saturday.


I'd forgotten Mothers day, oops, and was determined to make it up to my mum. She has done so much to help me lately and I really wanted to treat her.

A friend of mine, Mike Nash, author of Aggressive Health, had posted on Facebook about his positive experience using a flotation tank and I'd put it on my list of things to try.

So when I stumbled across the The Float Spa    on google and read all the raving reviews I knew I'd found the perfect gift; 

Right from the first phone call I was impressed with how friendly and helpful everyone was, we turned up with time to spare and managed to park right outside (always amazing in Brighton)


The centre is downstairs and could almost be missed, such a hidden gem.


After filling out some forms we were shown to the floatation rooms, we had separate rooms and each had their own flotation pod and shower.


The pods themselves looked very space age and sleek, the lids just lift up to reveal an oval shaped big bath, beautifully lit in blue.

After, being told what we needed to do, we were left to get on with it. I couldn't wait; I'd had a couple of really sleepless nights with a sick child so I was desperate to lie back and relax.

I popped in the ear plugs, had a shower and then lowered myself into the pod and closed the lid.

It is optional to have the light on and I chose to have it off. There was an initial 10 minutes of relaxing music and then silence.

I lay there bobbing about a bit and felt a little uncomfortable, my neck felt odd and my legs were stinging a bit (any cuts or scrapes will sting initially from the salt water)

I tried the neck pillow but that didn't help, so then I consciously relaxed all my muscles and pushed my head back further into the water, I could feel how much  tension I was holding in my neck and shoulders but they slowly eased and relaxed until I was totally calm and comfortable.


My mind began playing over events and general mind chit chatter, I let it come and go and after a while the inner voice stopped.


 Oh my gosh, what was going on?


 No gravity, no aches, no internal chatter.


 I literally just was.


This I guess is being completely present, although I wasn't thinking that as I wasn't thinking anything.


I wasn't asleep but I wasn't really awake, I was floating in bliss, pure, uninterrupted heavenly bliss.


The session lasted an hour and when the music came back on to indicate the last five minutes, I had lost all concept of time.

I slowly stretched and wriggled and emerged from the pod feeling all floaty. Another shower to rinse off the salt and I was ready to get get dressed. There was a separate room with hairdryers and toiletries.


I felt dreamy and a bit spaced out.


Where had I just been?


We were given tea and sorbet and time to chill.


It really was a gorgeous experience.


So, would I recommend a floatation session?


Yes, yes, yes! It was one of the most relaxing things I have ever done.


Here are some reasons why a float session is so great:


Stress relief

Pain relief

Tames tension headaches

Improves sleep

Reduces blood pressure

Reduces muscle soreness

Enhances creativity

Meditation without practice

Self love

Altered states of consciousness

Improves the quality of skin and hair


These benefits and many more are why I will definitely be going back to The Float Spa.

So, please, love and treat yourself to a session of bliss and report back; I'd love to hear about your experience. x


For more information on the spa I visited, go to www.thefloatspa.co.uk

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